kwaak3 is used to run ID soft Quake3 in Demo mode.

Keyboard is connected via TTA-USB dongle.

You can download kwaak3 from here.

Also, pak0.pk3 ~ pak8.pk3 files are needed to be placed in SD card directory: quake3/baseq3, which can be downloaded from the sites shown below.

Install Quake 3 Demo to get pak0.pk3:

Install 1.32 update to get pak1.pk3 ~ pak8.pk3:

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ODROID-S 사용 동영상을 만들어 보았습니다.

핸드폰으로 촬영하여 좀 화면이 거칩니다.

I've posted video clip of ODROID-S.

Video quality is not so good, created using cellphone.

1. Booting
2. Games (Quake 3, GBA Emulation)
3. Entering Sleep Mode
4. Turning off

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Finally, ODROID-S is arrived!!!

So, I've taken some photos using X1.

If you are new to this device, please visit link below before reading this post.

What is ODROID-S ?

1. This is the box.

2. When I open it, there's another one.

3. After enclosing box is removed.

4. When I open it, Quick Start Guide is shown first.

5. Removing the Guide and protective styrofoam cover, ODROID-S shows off.

6. Besides ODROID-S, there are usb cable for charging and data transfer, 2 batteries, and TTA20-to-USB host converter module.
7. All items except box.

8. Size of my hand is about average for asian people (Protective screen film is not removed yet.)

9. On top side, there are HDMI output port and TTA20 port for debugging, charging, and data transfer. Also there are 2 capacitive touch buttons hidden, which are used for volume control.

10. On bottom side, there are power switch and standard 3.5 pie audio jack.

11. On rear side, battery cover is shown.

12. After removing the cover, we can find SD and micro SD slot. Micro SD slot is equipped with 2GB storage for OS and application install, and 8 GB card is installed in SD slot for data storage.

13. Let's put the battery to where it should be.

14. ODROID logo is shown in boot up sequence.

15. This is lock screen of Android.

16. This is home screen.

17. We can also use live wall papers, but I prefer using just plain background to save some power.

18. Browsing after Wi-Fi connection is established.

This is the end of preview. Hope you enjoyed it.
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  1. 알 수 없는 사용자
    2010.07.08 07:46
    댓글 주소 수정/삭제 댓글
    덜덜... 오드로이드 개봉기 ㅎㅎ good~
  2. 2010.07.13 14:08 신고
    댓글 주소 수정/삭제 댓글
    논문 작성에서 오는 스트레스를 쏠쏠하게 풀어줍니다. ^^

Odroid-S Device Picture (Taken from

Odroid-S is a successor to Odroid, which was produced by Korean opensource hardware company, Hardkernel Co. Ltd. ( located in Republic of Korea.

This family of device design is now constructing a very unique area of opensource hardware development platform, which is accelerated by adopting gaming handheld form-factor (Arrow keys + Minimum 4 Action Buttons + L, R Shoulder Buttons).

This device has undergone great improvement over its predecessor by incoorporating more powerful CPU (Samsung S5PC110, Same CPU used in Galaxy-S) and of course GPU (PowerVR SGX 540, stronger than SGX 535 which is installed in Apple's iPhone 3GS).

Below table shows the direct comparison of specifications between Odroid-S and Odroid.(Data are taken from product description page of Hardkernel's website, and S5PC100, and S5PC110 User's Manual)

   Oroid-S Oroid
 Processor  Samsung S5PC110 Cortex-A8 1GHz with 512KB L2 Cashe
 Samsung S5PC100 Cortex-A8 833MHz
 3D Accelerator  SGX540 (up to 20M triangles/s and 1000M pixels/s)
Universal Scalable Shader Engine
OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenVG 1.0
 Unknown (5M triangles/s and 200M pixels/s)
Programmable Shader Model 3.0
OpenGL ES 2.0, D3D Mobile
 Memory  512MB Mobile DDR 400Mbps
 512MB Mobile DDR 333Mbps
 Internal Storage  OneNAND 512MB
 External Storage  Micro-SD, Standard SDHC Slot
 Micro-SD, Standard SDHC Slot
 Display  3.5-inch 480x320 with capacitive touch screen (No multi-touch)
 3.5-inch 480x320 with capacitive touch screen (No multi-touch)
 Video Playback  1080p (H.264+AAC based MP4)
 720p (H.264+AAC based MP4)
 Video Output  mini-HDMI connector with SPDIF audio
 mini-HDMI connector with SPDIF audio
 Audio Interface  Speaker, Microphone, Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
 Speaker, Microphone, Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
 I/O  USB 2.0 HS, TTA20, USB 2.0 Host by TTA20 to USB board
 USB 2.0 HS, TTA20
 Wireless Device  802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
 Operating System  Android Eclair 2.1
 Android Eclair 2.1
 Dimensions  150 x 76 x 16 mm
 150 x 76 x 16 mm
 Weight  160g (with 1300 mAH Li-Ion battery)  160g (with 1300 mAH Li-Ion battery)
 Other Features  3-axis accelerometer, Geo magnetic field sensor
 3-axis accelerometer

Harnessing the CPU/GPU power, it is quiet possible to emulate PSX or N64 games. Recently, ZodTTD, who is famous for developing and porting homebrew emulator to various embedded OS based handhelds, started porting his PSX and N64 emulators to Android OS. The future for Android handhelds emulation is not that gloomy.

Even though its relatively high price (299 USD for Application Developer Edition), I guess it's worth buying for people who wanna indulge into world of Android based Emulation monster.

Below movie shows what this device can do in gaming, have a grip on it.

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2010. 5. 29. 23:00
I've recently got ODROID-T from Hardkernel(

The reason why I decided to get one is because It incorporates high-resolution(1366x768) 10.1 inch LCD, powerful hardware (Samsung S5PC110 Cortex-A8 1Ghz), and of course, Android OS (Eclare 2.1 based).

Unlike other developers who bought this one, I'll be mainly using this device for reading purposes.

Comparing to IPDA, the exterior is somewhat far from beautiful, but as an engineer, who cares, and this is just a development platform.

Anyway, below are some pictures of ODROID-T...

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